I’ve waited until nearly the last minute to renew my domain name here on WordPress. It isn’t that I dislike their services or anything, it’s just that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to continue to pay for a service I’ve barely used.

It’s all me. I just haven’t been writing lately. Not blogging. I have been writing. Writing and submitting and being rejected and waiting and all the fun crap that goes along with writing. I haven’t been posting many new stories here, and even some of the older ones have disappeared, because they are going off into the wild blue yonder to be read and sent back with a note that says, “We really like your creation, but a) it’s not fit for our magazine b) we don’t have room for it in our magazine c) we don’t care d) we hate you. Kidding about those last two. The “we don’t care” usually is communicated by the lack of communication at all, meaning no response whatsoever. No one has ever said they hate me, at least not in a rejection letter.

To say I was at any time disenchanted with the writing world would be inaccurate. I knew and still know the game. Magazines, agents, and publishers are inundated with material. There’s a reason it’s called a slush pile. To say I write as often as I should be would also be inaccurate. I don’t. I procrastinate and get distracted by life in general. I come to choose sleep over writing. Trust me, there was a time when that was not the case. But I’m still trudging along, although slowly.

I’ve thought of self-publishing, been encouraged to, even. Why don’t I self-publish, you ask? Well, the answer is simple. That arena is also inundated, simply over-saturated. Not only that, but it takes money to do it right, and I simply have none.  That’s a lie. I have  some. But, it’s already been allocated to things like food, shelter, and making sure my son is supplied with the things he requires for his  medical condition.

So, I suppose that’s that, then. I renewed my domain here at WordPress because I want to keep writing, and I’m too lazy to go about changing all of the links everywhere on the interwebs to a different address. I also love spam comments, apparently. Kidding. I don’t like spam.

Computer Take Overs and Hobgoblins

I am far from being technologically impaired. Whenever new technology is introduced in the household, it is my responsibility to learn it and do whatever necessary to make it functional for everyone. That is my duty, head of home IT. However, something bizarre happens when I am near any electronic, digital, or otherwise computerized device. It is like there are these hobgoblins, invisible to the human eye, that follow me waiting for the moment to strike.

Case in point, I’ve been trying to set up a Facebook page for A Wordsmith’s Brainworks. This has become a daunting task. Nothing works correctly. When I try to change a setting, I am taken right back to the page and away from the settings page. I click a link for help and nothing happens. Or I simply get a blank white page. If by some chance I am able to complete a task, such as adding interests or uploading a  photo, I return to the main page to find nothing at all or the computer on which I am working suffers an unforeseen malfunction preventing the completion of whatever I was trying to accomplish.

I’ve also not been able to access the page from my phone or iPad. When I attempt to log in, the little dial simply turns and turns for – e-v-e-r. Frustrating? Yes, rather! And in the basic information section, somehow the wrong email address is listed and I can not change it. I can delete it and put the correct address, hit save, and when I return it’s back to the wrong email address.

Facebook isn’t the only thing that suffers the wrath of the hobgoblins. I recently had to delete my Twitter app and reinstall it because I wasn’t receiving updates or seeing Tweets on my feed that mentioned me. My phone, which was previously my husband’s before my son decided mine should take a plunge in ‘Ol Swirley, never works like it’s supposed to. I have to sometimes press the Home button fifteen times before it responds, and people can only hear me when the phone is on speaker. My husband had not one problem with it. It’s me, he says. Even the laptop I’m using right now is going haywire, the cursor jumping around the page and scrolling down while I am typing (and yes I’m being careful not to press the mouse pad). I could easily round up several folks from work who will testify that the computers seem to have more problems when I’m present.

Sigh. Hobgoblins are exhausting.

I just wanted to set up a Facebook page. Must it be such a harrowing endeavor?

The Least Interesting Woman in the World

Spoiler alert: It’s me!

Not that I didn’t already know this information. Not that I didn’t realize I lead a dull and mundane life. Wake up. Go to work. Come home. Do laundry. Many people suffer this condition of humdrumness.

I’ve done my share of rudimentary travel. I’ve been places. We go on vacation. I’m from an interesting and diverse city. But still there isn’t much to report in regards to my daily life. I used to have a good time. Then I don’t know what happened. Life ate my life.

This really has been a non-issue for me until lately. I’m suddenly having a desire to be much cooler than I’ve ever been, or ever cared about being. I have this fantasy of late, me being the disquieted, restless writer alone in her room overwrought from my attempts to create the perfect characters and scenes and using fresh, original imagery. My hair mussed from my running my fingers through it as I sit at the keyboard staring at the screen wracking my brain for just the right words. Random papers on my desk whip into the air and do somersaults before fluttering to the ground because I keep the floor length windows of my Caribbean home open to the warm, salty breeze.

Ok. My imaginary life is much more imaginative than my real life. Maybe I’m just having a mid-life crisis a little early. My hair is usually mussed, though. There’s a start. And I don’t drink Dos Equis. I do drink Michelob Ultra. And Budweiser.


How We See Ourselves

I enjoy memes. Good time-wasting material. Entertaining. The newest meme blasting my Facebook feed is the How People View Me meme.  I’ve seen many that are inaccurate, but I had to share a quick post of the following New Orleans meme because it is so true and it made my day. Enjoy!