Wrought-iron sentinels
stand side by side,
connected throughout
but for a yawning divide.

Ancient oaks flourish,
their roots grown through cleaves.
The electric rails’ current
moves ‘neath a quilt of leaves.

The archaic and modern
with one another stand
on this soggy crescent-
a sacred and debauched land.


photo (1)

For several days over the last couple of weeks, I’ve come across the topic of Faust via different forums: Facebook, Twitter, etc. Anyway, this recurrence has reminded me of an occurrence that took place  when I was 15. My mom took me and a friend to a book store in an area mall, I forget which one. I’d just finished reading most of The Vampire Chronicles in which Faust is referenced many times. So, I wanted to read Faust. I really enjoy books that lead me onto other things, that reference classic literature or themes about which I can learn. One thing I enjoyed about Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles was her use of geography. I even did a report for my sophomore geography class, a project that required us to read a book and describe the different places written about in it, on The Vampire Lestat (I was already reading it at the time, so I figured, What the hell?).

This graphic novel is in pieces. It once belonged to my dear friend who is now deceased. It's one of the few keepsakes I have from her. Most others, including all photos, were destroyed in the hurricane.
This graphic novel is in pieces. It once belonged to my dear friend who is now deceased. It’s one of the few keepsakes I have from her. Most others, including all photos, were destroyed in Hurricane Katrina.

photo (4)
Is it apparent how many times I’ve read this book?

At any rate, I asked the bookstore clerk about Faust, as I wasn’t able to find it on the shelves. He rudely advised me I should have come as soon as I’d gotten my book list because they’d run out from other students buying them up. I was so confused, and I asked what he was talking about. He asked me if I were buying the book for school. I said, “No, I’m buying it for myself.” His response, “Wow, impressive.” I still took him for a dumbass.

The aforementioned book
The aforementioned book

Epilogue: He ordered the book, and I read it. Then a pen pal of mine sent me copy of the book written in both English and German, as I was studying German at the time. I still have both copies. They survived Hurricane Katrina in a plastic Rubbermaid container that, although it weighed at least a hundred pounds, floated inside my house. All of my books were left unscathed.

This container survived, as did my books inside it. Unfortunately, I lost many others that weren't in the container.
This container survived, as did my books inside it. Unfortunately, I lost many others that weren’t in the container.


My husband actually discovered them, and my cat, just a day after I’d written in my journal how I wished my books and my cat had survived. It was 33 days later. The cat has since run away, but the books remain.

Stewie the Cat, who suffered from PTSD after Hurricane Katrina and ran away just before Christmas of 2011.
Stewie the Cat, who suffered from PTSD after Hurricane Katrina and ran away just before Christmas of 2011. This photo was taken in the trailer we lived in after the hurricane.

Dey All Axe Fa’ You

So I’ve been absent as of late.  Thanks to a schedule change, I’ve had less time to take care of the important things in life, like blogging. I’ve had less free time so the time I do have has been consumed with writing, and reading. I do apologize to those who follow my blog. I don’t like there to be such a long span between posts.

Tuesday was Valentine’s Day. Neither my husband nor I are hopeless romantics so we do very little celebrating for this holiday-I use the term loosely. We exchange candy and cards and that’s about the extent of it. I got my son a new Tigger toy since the one he has is about two and a half years old and resembles some sort of deformed alien at this point. It’s a toy for infants 0-3 months that holds two plastic rings with a rattle, however one of his arms has come loose and it looks like Tigger got sent through some sort of particle transporter and all of his particles didn’t transport. I also gave the boy some heart-shaped chocolates, and apparently he has learned to say the words “chocolate heart candy” quite well. I felt bad, though, in the beginning I couldn’t understand what he was asking for and I kept telling him he couldn’t have hard candy or hot candy until he finally said, “Nooo! Momma! HEART!”

More important than Valentine’s Day is Mardi Gras, which is this week. Fat Tuesday is February 21 this year. I am working this weekend, so I’ll miss some of the best parades, although there is a lot of tension in the city right now as it is still undecided if Endymion will roll Saturday due to weather conditions. They have already cancelled their Samedi Gras Celebrations (Yes we do use any excuse to add a French title to anything) because it’s been estimated that the neutral ground (median to you non-Yats) will be too soggy for the stage set-up and for the revelers. I can say that I’ve never known a true blue lover of Mardi Gras to be concerned with soggy conditions, but we wouldn’t want the stage to sink into the swamp a la Monty Python and the Holy Grail, now would we. I’m hoping Endymion won’t be hampered by the imminent foul weather even though I won’t be there this year. I do enjoy watching it on t.v. as they roll into the Dome. Yes, that’s me. At home in my living room, flashing my breasts at my 60″ flat screen. I open the shades just for that possibility of being arrested for indecent exposure.

Today is the greasing of the poles on Bourbon St. To make sure revelers don’t climb up them to get onto the balconies. People really really do do that. It’s not pretty. And it’s also not pretty when you forget and lean against the post and get a shoulder full of vaseline or put your hand on it and pull away a gooey palm. Not. Pretty.

Anyhoo, I will lament the end of King Cake season although it will be nice to button my pants again. There really is no King Cake “season” per se since really you can get them year round and for other holidays. But most of us do consume more King Cake during this time of year, I imagine.

That orange sticker is a warning sticker by the way. This particular King Cake didn’t have the baby inside of it, something many bakeries are leaning toward nowadays. I don’t know how people eat their food usually, they must inhale without chewing, because I don’t know how anyone could eat/swallow the baby. I would imagine you would bite it first. Also, no one I know has ever cut a piece of King Cake and not looked for the baby right away. By the way, you don’t want to get the baby. Just so you know.

If anyone would like to know the meaning of the title I chose for this, please do investigate via the following links:

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They All Ask’d For You – This song is one of my favorites. It always evokes fond memories from my childhood.

Anyone interested in learning more about Mardi Gras and New Orleans can explore at

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Bet I Can Tell Ya Where Ya Got Dem Shoes

Dear tourists visiting for the Sugar Bowl, Bienvenue!  Welcome! I’d like to extend a big thanks for visiting and spending money and helping our economy and all.

However, you should take some precautions so as not to get jacked up and to ensure your visit here in the Crescent City is an enjoyable one.

1) Lose the Mardi Gras beads. It’s January. This screams tourist. And it attracts criminals. The smarter ones will probably be tipped off by your respective collegiate garb, too.

However, Mardi Gras is early this year and I’ve already seen King Cakes out in the local grocery stores. Please feel free to enjoy one. They are delicious. Yes, there is a plastic baby inside. Don’t swallow it. If no one sees you, take it and jam it into another piece of cake where no one will see it. You’ll thank me later when it’s not your turn to buy the next one.

2) You got your shoes on your feet. Just remember that.

3) A beignet is a French doughnut. It’s pronounced “ben-yay.” Just like that. Not “beg-net.”

A Hand Grenade from Tropical Isle on Bourbon St.

4) It’s called a Hand Grenade for a reason. It looks cute, but don’t trust it.

5) Public intoxication is an arrestable offense. I know it seems ludicrous considering. But it is.

6) Public nudity is also an arrestable offense. Please keep your parts concealed at all times.

If you simply must have those gigantic beads, there are about thirty shops on Bourbon St. or Decatur St. where you can purchase them for an exorbitant amount of money. At any rate, it’s cheaper than posting bond and spending the weekend at O.P.P. You will get arrested for urinating on the street, as well. I know it seems like the only option (believe me I’ve been there) but please hold it in or you could find your next pee is in a cold steel toilet.

If you do get arrested, make sure to call your lawyer and advise him or her that you are in the parish prison. It’s not the county jail.

7) This next one was brought to my attention by a friend of mine. A Fleur-de-lis is a French symbol based on a lily flower or iris. It is a symbol of royalty and regality. It appears on many European coats of arms. We love it and we adorn everything with it. It’s the symbol of our football team. I’m wearing a fleur-de-lis necklace right now.

Hopefully these tips will help to enrich your visit here. We have a wonderfully eclectic city full of rich history, music, food, and drink. But don’t forget it can also be a dangerous city. Be aware and take precautions. Have fun and be safe!