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Robot Boy & The Intrusive Interloper

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Cancer is the number one cause of death by disease in children, yet its research is the least funded. St. Baldrick’s Foundation focuses solely on funding childhood cancer research. Unlike many other cancer research organizations, St. Baldrick’s dedicates 79.5% of every dollar donated directly to funding research. They spend just 17.7% on fundraising, unlike many other organizations do. Some spend more on solicitation than on actual research. St. Baldrick’s Foundation spends just 2.8% on  management and other general costs.

Every 3 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer. The average age at time of diagnosis is 6. St. Baldrick’s Foundation has raised over $100,000,000 (one hundred million) in childhood cancer research grants.  $34,081,644 was raised in 2013. All of St. Baldrick’s funds come from donations. 

Treatments currently used for pediatric caner are outdated, having not been changed in over 30 years. Kids are treated with chemotherapy…

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Robot Boy & The Intrusive Interloper


Our suite was open. They even left our flyer for Team Robot Boy up on the peg board. And a sweet message to RB.

I wonder if anyone’s been in the room since we were here last. It’s been a month. Surely, someone has been in our little corner of CHNOLA during our absence. Or maybe not.

At any rate, it was ready for us today when we had to return because RB was running a high fever. We’re glad that if we must be in the hospital, at least we are home. We aren’t on another floor in another room surrounded by staff who are unfamiliar with RB. We’re back with our CHNOLA fam.

Today was the kind of day where everything goes wrong, and it seems you are smote-smotted, smot, smotten? You get the picture. From the moment I woke with a major headache to the sound…

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Robot Boy & The Intrusive Interloper

There is an adage that states, “Every day is a gift. That is why it is called the present.”

Maybe that’s true. Maybe it’s cliché glurge. Either way, for us every day is a gift. Every day with our Robot Boy is a present, because we don’t know how many more we might have. There could be hundreds, or there could be dozens. This is true for all of us, as we never know when Death will visit. It’s even more true when there is an alien interloper in your head.

We received the results of RB’s latest MRI. His doctor said, “By definition he is in remission.” Because there have been no changes in the mass that is in his brain and spinal cord in five months. This is good news, although it doesn’t sound very promising. It means the cancer is dormant. But we don’t know if it…

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What Shall I Do With My Hair?

Oh yeah. Not a damn thing! Because I was shorn this evening in the name of pediatric cancer research.

I feel great, but exhausted.

I will follow up with a proper post, but I will leave you tonight with this.

A video of The Lucky Mom shaving my head.

Donnell Gets Her Head Shaved

It was loads of fun, and for such a great cause. We more than doubled our goal. And our team is showing interest in making this a yearly event. I’m down.


Pre-shave with The Lucky Mom