A Poet’s Fond Friends

I promised at least something this April for National Poetry Month, and although I wasn’t able to write one poem per day, I have managed to slip under the wire on the last day of April! Enjoy!

Image courtesy of [image creator name] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of [dan] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net 

A Poet’s Fond Friend

Silhouette on the moon,

A shadow that disappears at noon,

A dream without ending, infinite illusion.

A debt owed to Death left unpaid,

Collections calls are periodically made.

The forced estrangement was long overdue.

But, adds to the complexity and befuddlement, too.

Perils are a poet’s fond friends,

And when one assignment is completed

Another begins.

Grievances hover like a murder gone hungry.

A makeshift shelter is a welcomed luxury.

The helter and skelter and ruin, et al

Are awaiting beneath to cushion the fall.

Existence takes the reflection

Of a fun house mirror’s.

No amount of manipulation

makes its visage much clearer.

What’s done is what’s done.

C’est la vie, as they say,

But perhaps merriment

will pursue us some day.



Copyright Donnell Jeansonne. All rights reserved. Reproduction or duplication whole or in part not permitted without permission and credit to the author.